Making the Ideal Life Real

Month: March 2016

Viewing Northern Lights in Finland

First traveling country is Finland!
Since the viewing of northern lights is our dream, we absolutely wanted to come true in this journey.
Europe has a lot of permaculture sites and eco-village which we want to visit in our journey! !

Now, where you are staying is the village of Kaamanen of Lapland.
Because there is more than 10km to the next to the inn, you will not hear anything of sound even listened. Sometimes, you hear a voice of birds in the way of far away.

More than a week has passed since we arrived in Kaamanen, we were able to see the aurora only one day!!


Departure for World Travel !!

We quit the company with the aim of rural life, but we’re going to travel the world in the family.

Indefinite period, one-way ticket of the journey!
It might come back in a few months maybe, it might not come back about two years.

Everyone, please continue to support us. Thank you !!

The first of the country would be where? ?



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